As part of the Genomics Collaborative, FDNA is proud to make its advanced technologies, including the use of next-generation phenotyping (NGP) and genetic variant prioritization technologies, available to collaborators –free of charge. Examples of partners include:

Want to see how our technologies have helped the medical community so far? See examples of publications or other medical discoveries resulting from recent collaborations.

Ways to Collaborate

If you are interested in using advanced technologies to better characterize diseases, or to investigate new tools to help doctors globally as they evaluate and treat patients, you’ve found the right place.

Facial Analysis

By partnering with the Genomics Collaborative, you’ll have access to FDNA’s facial analysis technology. This was originally used by Facebook to recognize friends in social media posts. Today, this technology is being used by doctors globally using FDNA’s free application, Face2Gene, as they evaluate patients to recognize facial patterns that are associated with diseases and genetic mutations.

Work together with the Genomics Collaborative to determine whether facial analysis can recognize the patterns of diseases you’re researching. New discoveries and advancements will be made immediately available to help doctors in 130 countries as they evaluate undiagnosed patients.

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Other Sensors

There are thousands of diseases, every one of which produces symptoms and features that may be recognized by various biometric sensors. Voice, video, vascular patterns, imaging, breath and metabolites are just a few examples of ways we may be able to measure evidence of disease.

By partnering with the Genomics Collaborative, you can help in the advancement of technologies and understanding of diseases you care about.

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Disease Knowledge

Your input can grow the knowledgebase doctors have available to them as they work with complex and undiagnosed patients. Around the world, doctors from thousands of institutions are learning about the diseases that are related to their patients through Face2Gene, London Medical Databases and POSSUMWeb, helping them understand how to recognize, diagnose and care for these patients. With so many diseases out there, we welcome review and input from disease experts and advocates to ensure that the information provided to health care providers is up-to-date and helpful.

Join the Genomics Collaborative to review and update the information on diseases you are knowledgeable about.

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For patients

For Patients

We believe patients are one of our greatest scientific resources. The Genomics Collaborative relies on patients to contribute their case stories with pictures and details about their diagnosis, as well as responses to research-specific questions. We are currently working with multiple partners to advance research into many diseases. Have you shared your story?

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Advocacy Groups

Are you a disease advocacy group of professionals, patients, or caregivers looking to advance scientific research and understanding for your community? By joining the Genomics Collaborative you’ll gain access to a platform to solve unanswered scientific questions and use advanced technologies to analyze patients’ de-identified information. You’ll have an opportunity to co-publish scientific findings in major medical publications to be used in educating medical professionals across the globe. Learn more about how becoming part of the Genomics Collaborative can increase awareness and spur research partnerships.

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Doctors and Researchers

Are you a physician or researcher interested in using next generation phenotyping, facial analysis and other biometric analysis technologies to help make scientific breakthroughs? We will help you define and test hypotheses for diseases you wish to study and identify opportunities to turn new knowledge into solutions that will help others. As always, you are also welcomed to use the Face2Gene application for your patient evaluations—free of charge.


Are you a lab interested in analyzing your genomic data to make new disease variant discoveries, or are you interested in finding ways to increase the diagnostic yield of your NGS pipelinesYou are welcomed to use the Face2Gene LABS application to support your NGS interpretation—free of charge; or Join the Genomics Collaborative to analyze your genomic data using next-generation phenotyping technologies.

Life Sciences Stakeholders

Are you interested in identifying ways to support your drug and diagnostic pipelines using genomic and phenotypic dat? We are currently collaborating with a diverse pool of life sciences companies in the use of NGS and NGP, including sensor data and facial data, to support biomarker discovery, clinical trial recruitment, medicine personalization, outcome improvement and more. Contact us to learn more about how our joint efforts can bring about improvements in health care.

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Public Health

Are you involved in public health projects such as state-sponsored genomics projects? Collaborate with FDNA to conduct analysis of your project data to understand trends in diseases, genetics and health, as well as to advance technologies that can support your public health goals. Contact us today to discuss the ways we can help.

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